This question will get rid of most of your fears

You know those times when you want to do something, but you’re REALLY worried about what might happen? Your thoughts are racing, and you can only focus on how it might go wrong.

I have one question that will get rid of 50% of those worries:

“Do I need to worry about this right now?”

I’ll give you an example.  Say you’re looking for a new job, and you’re checking out a job listing on Linkedin. It looks great, the company sounds interesting, but you hesitate to click send because a worry pops up in your head: “I don’t know if they’ll meet my salary requirements.”

I know, most of you think that’s a totally reasonable concern.

Let me break down why it’s not.

#1 - You will never know if they’ll meet your salary requirements if you don’t apply.

#2 - You will never know if they’ll meet your salary requirements if you don’t interview.

#3 - You will never know if they’ll meet your salary requirements if you don’t get an offer and negotiate first.

There are so many steps that need to happen between you clicking ‘send’, and you finding out if they will, or will not meet your salary requirements.

So why are you focusing on that right now?

Your Turn

Think about something that you’ve been hesitating doing because you’re in the worry cycle.
Write down the worries that you have about this situation.

Review each worry, and ask yourself: “Is this something that I need to worry about right now?”  If not, ask when you do need to worry about it - and resolve to ignore it until then.

You might be surprised what suddenly falls off your list of worries.

What worries can you say “not today, satan!” to today?  Reply and let me know.




Gieselle Allen
do this everyday to increase your confidence

A huge reason why you don’t feel confident is that you aren’t celebrating your wins.

I’m not talking about going to nice dinners, trips to Fiji, or spa days. (Though lets be real, those are nice.)

I’m talking about daily acknowledgement of the productive things you are doing.

Here’s what you’re currently doing:  you’re taking small steps towards your goals. Maybe they’re going well, and maybe they’re not.  But instead of saying “good for me, trying to make it happen!” You’re saying, “I should be doing more.”

No wonder you feel like crap.

Here’s the thing - no progress you ever make is going to matter if YOU don’t feel like you’ve made progress.

And the only way to feel like you’ve made progress, is to acknowledge and celebrate every small step that you’ve taken.

Give this daily practice a shot for a few days, and see how you feel:

  1. Once a day, reflect on the past 24 hours

  2. Ask yourself: “What am I celebrating from the last 24 hours? What did I do that was productive/good?”

That’s it.

If you want, this can be a good daily journal prompt, or you can turn it into a family affair - and do it with your partner and/or kids.

Try it right now! What can you celebrate from the last 24 hours?  Having a hard time figuring out what to celebrate? Send me an email and tell me about your day - I’ll tell you the good things you did. :)




Gieselle Allen
Read this to get rid of a bad mood

I just had the shittiest week I’ve had in a long while.

I recently experienced a rare moment of failure in my business, and instead of brushing it off, I ruminated over it for a long ass time. I let it take over my weekend, and most of my week.  I felt emotionally tired, physically tired, and like being a functional human was an uphill battle

I bet you know what I’m talking about.

Here’s the truth: weeks like I just had are coming for everyone.  It may only last a few hours, it may last a few years - but the feelings I just got wrapped up in are 100% natural.

So what do you do when a funk like this sets in for you?

You’ve gotta be prepared.

My favorite way to help my clients prepare for the tough times, is teaching them to create a “Joy Menu”.  This is a list of small, simple activities that always lift your mood.  They bring you energy, make you laugh, make you smile.

What’s important about a Joy Menu?

When you’re in a shitty mood, your brain is not interested in problem solving.  As a result, when you try to think about what’s going to make you feel better, your mind is going to be blank.

A Joy Menu takes the thinking out of it - instead of wondering what will help, you just have to pick something off a predetermined list of things that 100% help.

Here are things that are on my Joy Menu: taking a walk (or just going outside), taking a long bath, calling my dad, doing 5 minutes of meditation, watching an episode of The Great British Bake Off, or listening to an episode of Oprah’s podcast.

All of these things nourish me, fill me up, and make me feel good. So, when I’m in a bad mood, they’re my go-to’s.

Your Turn

Take some time to make your Joy Menu now - what would be on it?

If you’re not sure right now, take some time over the next week to notice what you love doing in your life. What do you look forward to doing? What can make any day feel like the perfect day?  What always brings a smile to your face? Write it down.

Then, the next time you’re in a funk, go straight to your Joy Menu.

It just might get you out of that funk a little faster.




Gieselle Allen