Do This Everyday to Increase Your Confidence


A huge reason why you don’t feel confident is that you aren’t celebrating your wins.

I’m not talking about going to nice dinners, trips to Fiji, or spa days. (Though lets be real, those are nice.)

I’m talking about daily acknowledgement of the productive things you are doing.

Here’s what you’re currently doing:  you’re taking small steps towards your goals. Maybe they’re going well, and maybe they’re not.  But instead of saying “good for me, trying to make it happen!” You’re saying, “I should be doing more.”

No wonder you feel like crap.

Here’s the thing - no progress you ever make is going to matter if YOU don’t feel like you’ve made progress.

And the only way to feel like you’ve made progress, is to acknowledge and celebrate every small step that you’ve taken.

Give this daily practice a shot for a few days, and see how you feel:

  1. Once a day, reflect on the past 24 hours

  2. Ask yourself: “What am I celebrating from the last 24 hours? What did I do that was productive/good?”

That’s it.

If you want, this can be a good daily journal prompt, or you can turn it into a family affair - and do it with your partner and/or kids.

Try it right now! What can you celebrate from the last 24 hours?  Having a hard time figuring out what to celebrate? Send me an email and tell me about your day - I’ll tell you the good things you did. :)




Gieselle Allen