How Clare Changed Her Life in 7 Hours

I want to tell you about an incredible former client of mine, Clare.

Clare came to me in January. She had a full time job, but had dreams of becoming a coach. 

She had told herself that she wasn’t the kind of person who couldn’t commit to things, wouldn’t be financially successful enough if she became a coach, and the list goes on. She was paralyzed by fear and old stories that were no longer serving her. 

Over the course of our work together, she signed up for and completed coach training. She quit her full time job. Clare is now a badass coach, getting incredible results for her clients and her own life, and she’s on a path to replace her prior income within the next two months.  Check out this update she sent me about her practice:

Here’s the crazy part:  Clare made these shifts with only spending 7 hours total on the phone with me.

How’d she see these kinds of results?  

To be transparent, she came ready to work.  She trusted me and the lessons that came from each session, and between sessions, she always put her heart and soul into completing her homework assignments.

I know you’re ready to finally live up to your full potential, just like Clare.  

If you’re ready to commit to yourself and your goals, you can have exactly what Clare has too.

The reason why you don’t have everything that you want right now isn’t because you don’t know the answers.  It’s not because you’re not smart enough, capable enough, or resourced enough to get it done.  It’s not because you don’t have the time (even though I know it feels like you don’t.) 

It’s because you don’t fully believe in yourself.  It’s because you’re spending too much time and energy worrying, or taking care of others, to focus on yourself.  It’s because you’re so in your head that you’re not just taking the action you want.

It’s possible to feel confident in your goals. It’s possible to feel less stressed everyday, and have the time and space you need for yourself.  It’s possible to take steps forward in your goals without feeling overwhelmed by what’s the right thing for you to do.

You just need support, accountability, and someone to see you for who you really are.

That’s what I provide to my clients every single day - I believe in them when they don’t believe in themselves. I dream big for them, even when they want to stay small. I don’t allow them to settle for any less than they deserve.

If you’re ready to have that level of support in your corner, let me know - I’m happy to provide it.


Gieselle Allen