How to feel like you deserve the good things

My first year in business, everything came easily to me.

I was never at a loss for clients, my business grew steadily, and I was charging a good rate.  I earned enough to cover all of my tuition expenses for my coaching program, and my revenue exceeded my very sensible hopes and dreams.

It was a dream come true.

The problem was, these were the thoughts in my head:

“Why me? What did I do to deserve this?”

“I just got lucky.”

“This is all the universe’s doing, not mine.”

*sighs forever at my annoying negative self-talk*

One day I was explaining these thoughts to my husband. You know, giving him the whole sob story.  He told me something that changed my perspective for good:

“Luck is something that happens once. If you’re doing it over and over again, stop calling it luck and start calling it hard work.”

Here are the things I was ignoring:

  • I was working 12-14 hour days

  • I was putting myself out there all the time in circles where I could meet clients

  • I was risking failure by asking for the rates I deserved

  • I was investing in my growth by studying mindset and career development philosophies

In short, I deserve every fucking good thing that has come to me in my business.

And you deserve every single good thing that’s happening in your life right now.

What’s one thing in your life that you feel like you don’t deserve?

What hard work are you ignoring that got you that good thing?

How do you absofuckinglutely deserve to have this good thing?

Reflect on those questions, answer them, and keep reminding yourself over and over again - because trust me, this one takes some time to rewrite. (I’m still working on it!)

Whenever those negative thoughts come up, here’s what I want you to say:

“I deserve _______________ because ___________________.”

Here’s what I might say:

I deserve my prosperous business because I worked my ass off.

I deserve my prosperous business because I took risks.

I deserve my prosperous business because I never too no for an answer.

What do you deserve?



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Gieselle Allen