How to stop feeling stuck in your choices


The parts of your life that you’re unhappy with are completely, and entirely your fault.*

The job you feel stuck in, the habits you haven’t started, the 2,000 commitments that you can’t say no to - it’s all on you, seriously.

There’s no judgement here, because what you’re doing right now is, at it’s core, human.

We all stay in our “comfort zones” for far too long sometimes, because our brain equates all change to danger - and its sole job is to keep us safe.

Here’s the truth: Even though your brain convinces you that you are stuck, you always have a choice. You may not always have a good choice, but you have one.

You are choosing to stay in a job where you’re unfulfilled, because you’re afraid of taking a leap and failing.

You are choosing to not go to bed at a reasonable hour, because there’s more that you want to do with your day.

You are choosing to run yourself dry with all of your commitments, because creating boundaries is hard - and you would rather make everyone else happy, than be the bad guy.

This can be hard to hear, but it could also be freeing if you choose to hear it.

Everything is in your control. You have the power to create, change, or leave any situation in your life.

If everything in your life is in your control, what choices do you want to make today?

Reflection Questions:

  1. In what area(s) of your life are you currently feeling “stuck”?

  2. How do you actually have a choice in this situation?

  3. What is the choice you’ve been making thus far?

  4. What is the empowered choice you’d like to make moving forward?

Make a choice to do what’s right for you today, my dear. Your life depends on it.



*A note on equity: I do want to make it incredibly clear that there are many individuals in this world for whom certain circumstances are a real, true barrier without choice.  If that is you, then please know that there is still value you can glean from this email, but I am not diminishing you or your current struggles.


Gieselle Allen