Is money getting in the way of your dreams?


I have a confession to make. The subject of this blog post was a complete trick question. Your instinct is to say “Hell yes!” to that question, but I’m here to tell you that most likely, the answer is a big resounding no.

Money is not in your way.* Your relationship with money, however, may be.

What’s your current money mindset?

When you think about money, what feelings come up for you?  If that’s tough, think about your goals and how money impacts your success.  Do you get anxious? Do you get angry? Don’t judge yourself, but just become aware - this is your current money mindset.

Now that we know where you are, let’s figure out what you truly want and need.

What do you want your relationship with money to look like?

Money is not just numbers on a screen or pieces of paper.  Money, at a very basic level is an exchange of energy. You put in energy at work, and you get compensated for it. A restaurant makes you a meal, and in exchange, you pay them an agreed upon amount for their efforts.

How do you want to feel when you receive money? How do you want to feel when you exchange it to pay for a good or service?  Do you want to focus on what money is keeping you from, or what money gives you?

What do you need to do to move closer to this ideal relationship? What do you need to remember, and how can you remember it?

What do you actually need?

You need to define how much money you truly need to live a fulfilled life.  Otherwise, you’ll have no idea what you’re working towards. So, at minimum, what do you need financially to feel happy and fulfilled? My guess is that you might have more room in your budget for your goals than you originally thought.

Let’s take that one step further and apply that to your immediate goals: How much money do you actually need to save/make to begin making your dreams come true? Put a real number on it.

Now that you’ve defined what you truly need for your immediate goals - I challenge you to make a plan to get there. If you are lost as to how, Mint is a great place to start!

A Helpful Resource

Money is an incredibly complex topic that I can’t solve in one blog post, but if any of you are truly committed to improving your relationship with money, I recommend reading The Energy of Money.  This book is full of exercises and insights from a coach who specializes in getting folks past their money blocks.

Money talks y’all. Make sure you’re listening.

*A note on equity: I do want to make it incredibly clear that there are many individuals in this world for whom money is a real, true barrier. Some people are struggling to pay rent and feed themselves and their families.  If that is you, then please know that there is still value you can glean from this email, but I am not diminishing you or your current struggles.


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