My best friend


I want to tell you a little tale about my best friend, Beth, who has been gracious enough to let me share her story with you.

For the past few years, one of Beth’s greatest struggles has been managing her free time.

#1 - She always feels like there’s way too many things to do.

#2 - She feels like she has to do the “responsible” things from her to-do list first.

#3 - She spends so much time procrastinating on doing the “responsible” things, that she never gets to the fun stuff.

#4 - As a result of numbers 1-3, Beth rarely feels good about how she spends her evenings & weekends.

I always suggest that Beth get a coach to work through this, because I know it’ll help her recognize that she is 100% in control of her time and as a result, she is the only thing standing in her way of feeling good about her free time. Unfortunately, Beth is not a fan of talking about her feelings with strangers, so she always politely says “no”.

Can I tell you a secret? This drives me up a fucking wall!

See, I’m the complete opposite of Beth.  One of my core values is asking for help. At any given moment, I have a business coach, a therapist, and perhaps even a personal coach.  My dad often jokes that insurance companies probably cry tears of misery when I join their network, because I do not hesitate to go to the doctor if something is off in my body.  I am a part of tons of professional networking groups and masterminds so that I can also get peer support.

Why do I do all this, you might wonder?  Because I know for a fact that you can get places a whole lot faster, and with better results if you get good help.

Like most people, Beth believes she can DIY her mindset.  She doesn’t have massive issues, she’s smart and capable, so why would she pay someone to help her with something simple?  

I’ll tell you why - because a good coach has seen your problems a million times before and knows the shortcuts to help you fix them. A great coach can shine a light on your blind spots - you know, the issues that you didn’t even REALIZE were in your way.  Last but not least, without a professional by their side, most people are going to spend years in a cycle of trying to solve their problems, failing, getting frustrated, and giving up. An excellent coach will call you out for that nonsense.

I know that with a good coach, you can solve most problems in 6 months...for good.

I say this as a coach who has seen my clients transform into new people in that time, and as a client who has done the same with someone else as my coach.

If you’re ready to make these kinds of changes - sign up for a Roadmap to Success call, and we’ll get you going on your journey.


Gieselle Allen