No, Your Anxiety is Not Helpful


Let’s get one thing 100% straight:

Your anxiety does not help you.

Putting a ton of pressure on yourself does not motivate you.

Being critical of yourself does not make you better.

Let me illustrate this for you.

Let’s say your parents have two very different parenting styles.

Your mother is incredibly critical. You bring her an A- you got on an exam, and instead of congratulating you on a good grade, she asks why you didn’t get an A.  She tells you about how her best friend’s daughter got an A+ and she’s not even that smart. You clearly must not have worked hard enough, she says. How would you feel?

My guess, you’d feel deflated, and like what you do is never good enough.

On the flip side, your dad is your biggest cheerleader. You get cast in a school play as a tree.  Your dad tells you that you’re going to be the best tree that has ever existed. He helps you create your costume, rehearse your dance moves, and cheers for you on opening night. (Way too loudly, of course, because dads are weird, y’all.)  How would that make you feel?

My guess is you’d feel proud of yourself, supported, and like you’re on top of the world.

Yes, both of these tactics can be motivating.  Yes, they can both drive you to success.

But let me be clear - in the long run, anxiety, being hard on yourself, and putting on too much pressure holds you back.  

You spend a ton of energy worrying about whether you’re not good enough, and feeling fearful that you’re going to make a mistake.  

Yes, you get success, but you’re miserable doing it...and you likely won’t even enjoy it when you get it, because all you know how to do is look at your flaws.

On the flip side, when you are kind to yourself, and are even more successful.

You get where you’re going faster.  You do it with ease. And the biggest piece - you actually enjoy the process and the success once you have it.

I just want to say it one more time for the folks in the back: ANXIETY & BEING HARD ON YOURSELF DOES NOT HELP YOU.

Where in your life is anxiety, putting too much pressure on yourself, or being overly critical holding you back?  How do you want to treat yourself instead?



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Gieselle Allen