Start sweating the small things


One of your biggest problems is that you don’t see your strengths.

You’re really aware of all of the things you do wrong, mess up, and could improve upon every day - but when it comes to focusing on what you do well...your brain is crickets.

Here’s the problem with that: if you don’t see the good you do, then you’ll never feel confident about what you can achieve.  

According to your brain right now, you’re mostly capable of messing up - and anything good that happens is dumb luck, or thanks to someone else.

Can you see how harmful that kind of thinking is?

So, how do we fix it?  You need to start sweating the small things.

I’m not talking about the negative, critical, worrisome stuff.  You can keep those thoughts locked away, okay?

I’m talking about the small, good things.  

You know, all the things that you’re currently not giving yourself credit for because they’re not “important enough” or “impressive enough” or “worth” paying attention to.

I want you to stop dismissing those wins - and start revelling in them.

Here’s why you’re ignoring those wins right now - you feel like they’re “too easy” to celebrate. 

But by ignoring those small wins, you’re also ignoring sometimes years of experience that has allowed this task to be simple.  You’re ignoring strengths that you’ve cultivated over the years. You’re discounting your own personal growth - and the effort you took to do that growing. 

Don’t take my word for it, let’s do some reflection, and you’ll see what I’m saying:

What’s a small thing that you do that is so natural for you that you take it for granted?

What are the efforts that make this task seamless? What experience have I gained to make this easy? What strengths do I have to make this simple?

Now that I’ve broken it down, what is there to celebrate about this small win?

Whether or not you have a celebration practice, these reflection questions will 100% deepen it, and help you to start seeing your unique strengths every day.

Once you start acknowledging and celebrating your strengths, your confidence will grow exponentially.  And when your confidence is high, you can go out and achieve those big goals of yours.



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Don't take my word for it - here are some things other people said:

"It was incredibly useful and insightful.  I learned how my core values permeate across aspects in my life."

"These were incredible ideas presented in a simple format that anyone could apply."

"Key #3 - Celebrations - was an eye-opener for me. It helped me realize how I tend to fixate on the negative, to reach out to others when I'm struggling, but I never reach out to celebrate."

"This was very thought-provoking and I know it will stay with me."

"I feel like I got a perspective on how far I have come along with my negative self talk and the work I still have to do."

"I got a clear sense of how to identify what's important to me and how to take small steps to achieve my core values."

"A highlight for me was realizing all the forms that negative self talk can take. It was easy to tune in to and reframe my 'issues/demons' with Gieselle's guidance."


Gieselle Allen