Lack of Self-Trust is Your #1 Problem


The only reason you don’t have the success you want is because you don’t trust yourself.

Lack of self-trust manifests in a lot of different ways:

  • You don’t trust yourself to make the right decision.

  • You don’t trust yourself to get results.

  • You don’t trust yourself to make enough money.

  • You’ll feel like you don’t know what you really want.

  • You’ll overwork to make sure you prove your worth/effectiveness in the workplace

  • You’ll give more to others than you give yourself, because you don’t know what’s ‘enough’

  • You’ll struggle to commit to things you really need in your life (like coaching) because of the 20,000 reasons your brain says you can’t do it.

  • You’ll stay stuck in the same place, year after year.

I hate that I know that sounds familiar to you.

I don’t want these things for you.  But if you never start to trust yourself, this is where you’ll stay.

What would you be able to do in your life if you actually believed you could succeed?

I bet it’s beyond your wildest dreams.

So, how do I get there?

This email is the first step: bringing awareness to the problem.

But awareness is only the tip of the iceberg. The real, hard work comes afterwards.

  1. You have to be dedicated to looking out for when lack of self trust shows up...daily.

  2. You have to have the tools to quiet the unhelpful thoughts from your lack of self-trust.

  3. You have to start taking chances in your life, and celebrating your wins.

It sounds simple - but this work takes, commitment, persistence, and daily work.

And well, if you don’t trust yourself, you’re likely going to try this stuff for a few days, feel like “you’re not doing it right” or like “you’ll never figure it out”, and give up. (We’ve all been there.)

The Power of Coaching

The power of coaching is that I don’t let you give up. I help you see learnings instead of failures, and I show you how to celebrate the good things you do.

Long story short: I don’t let you stay stuck in your bullshit one moment longer.

If you’re 100% ready to actually trust yourself and start living up to your full potential, make sure to sign up for one of my Power Up Your Potential Calls.  During this call, we’ll get clear on what your big, bold dreams are for your life + career, we’ll uncover how your mindset is holding you book from achieving those dreams, and I’ll share what you need to do to build your self-trust + confidence.  I’ll also share tools or resources to help you start fixing your mindset today.  

What are you waiting for?



“I am where I am today because I always believed I could get here.” - Oprah


Gieselle Allen