Want to make your to-do list less overwhelming? Read this.


You need to define what is “enough” for you.
Right now, you have a really long running list of things you have to do and ways you’re letting yourself down.  You’re feeling overwhelmed. There’s things in your personal life, professional life, spiritual life, etc. that in your eyes, are completely falling apart.

Take a second right now and write down everything in your life that you have to do, that’s stressing you out.

Now that you’ve got your list, here’s the million dollar question:

How much of that do you actually have to do?

Seriously: How much of what is currently stressing you out do you really, truly, absolutely have to do...TODAY?

Highlight the must do’s, and scratch out everything else.

You’re a high achiever, precious, so of course you want to do it all.

But at the expense of what? Your sleep? Sanity? Is doing everything else really worth it when this is truly “enough”?

Listen. How you feel is normal.  In 2019, a culture of overachievement is pervasive.  We feel like we have to do everything, and we have to do it perfectly.  And if we’re not, we’re failing.

But that’s simply not true.

I am a big fan of doing just enough.

Try this out today:

  1. Make a list of all the things you “need” to do

  2. Look at that list and fill in the blank to this statement, “If I could only do _______ today, it would be a good day.”   (This can be multiple things)

  3. Then, go out and focus only on doing the things that you listed for #2. Ignore the rest of the items on your list.

  4. Don’t allow yourself to be stressed out about anything that is outside of your “must dos” for the day….because they don’t need to be done today. If you do them, they are extras.  If you don’t, it’s okay.

  5. Celebrate when you finish the items for #2 - you did enough today for it to be a good day, and that’s awesome.

This is going to be counterintuitive, and it’ll be hard, but I challenge you to try it out for one day. You might be surprised by how you feel.




Gieselle Allen