Think you’re unsure about what you really want? Think again.

Stop trying to do it all on your own.

Here’s what’s going on for you right now.  You’ve got a goal that you want to achieve, but you’re just not making the kind of progress you’re craving to make.

You feel like something’s wrong like someone has to have the answers, and for some reason, it’s just not you. 

But you’re not reaching out for support, and you’re insistent on figuring it out on your own.


You’re ashamed to admit that you can’t figure it out on your own. 

You’re convinced that no one else is going through the same thing as you.

You’re too scared to put yourself in a group of likeminded individuals because you’re afraid of being judged.

I get it. We’ve been taught by society that getting help is shameful.  We’re supposed to be independent, do-it-ourselves, and look good doing it.  Otherwise, you don’t deserve what you did, because you didn’t do it all by yourself.

Excuse me while I give this concept the biggest eye roll of my entire life.

Listen up while I drop this truth bomb on you - trying to reach your goals on your own is the biggest thing holding you back.

Here’s what you get when you finally get other people in your corner:

You get different perspectives on your ideas, goals, and realities so that you can be more creative, get more ideas, and see tough problems from new perspectives.

You get to learn from someone else’s experience so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes someone else has already made.  You also get to use the tips that they know work.

When you feel like shit because nothing is going your way, you have someone else telling you they’ve been there too - and they’ve made it to the other side.  So when things seem bleak, you can know that you’re not alone, and someone else has found their way out.

When things are going killer, you have someone to celebrate with - and who will actually hold you accountable for sharing.

I know this goes against everything in your core, but I promise you, reaching your goals is so much easier if you find your community and lean on them every day.

I learned this in earnest last week when I went to a business retreat full of women who are at a similar stage of business as I am.

Yes, I learned a lot from my coach, but to be honest, the real lessons came from the other entrepreneurs.

When one girl shared a challenge in her mindset, I felt so much relief because I had been thinking the same damn thing...but had been too embarrassed to say it.

When one of the other girls had a breakthrough, she shared it and it was one of the most mind-blowing things I heard all weekend. 

Even in our free time, I was up-leveled, because we shared so much about our lives and our daily habits that I’ve even completely changed the way I approach my personal self-care.

I’m not kidding when I say finding my community over those two days has completely changed the course of my business. 

Joining this community has given me access to support, so when I’m feeling down, I have 10 incredible women telling me to stand back up.

It’s given me new perspectives so that I can see and do things in my business in new, more productive ways.

It’s helped me realize that all my negative self-talk that I thought was special is actually completely normal - and just a part of the entrepreneurial journey. 

Community is making my business more fun - because now I have 10 new friends who I can message and chat about it with every single day. 

Do you have the kind of community you need to make your goals a reality?  If not, what kinds of people are missing? What experiences would they have?  What would they be like?


Gieselle Allen