You are important


You are important.

We’re all taught from a young age that to be selfish is a problem, and to be selfless is a virtue.

But we are never taught the in-between.

You need to be your absolute first priority.

It is not selfish.

It is natural.
And it is necessary.

Things that are not your first priority include:

  • your job.

  • your relationship.

  • your social life.

  • your kids.

If you’re not feeling good, how can you be a good employee?

If you’re feeling drained, how can you be a patient and loving partner?

If you’re not the fullest version of yourself, how can you teach your children how to do the same?

You have a beautiful, large heart, and so you want to give all of your time, energy, and love away to someone else.

And yet -

You need to come first.

Even if it’s hard, even if it’s uncomfortable. (It will be.)

Even if every bone in your body is screaming “I am not worthy.” (The bones may scream. But you don’t need to listen.)

Even if it’s been so long that you don’t even know what you need. (Just try something until you figure it out.)

Even if someone else says you’re selfish for doing so. (Someone will...and that’s okay.)

Even if there’s already so much on your plate, that taking care of your needs feels like it’ll make you crack. (You won’t, my dear. You’ll finally come back together.)

Ask yourself:

How did you become so worried about being selfish?

What if you gave yourself as much as you gave to others?

If you felt worthy of being your number one priority, how would your life be different?

How would your relationships and work thrive?

How would you show up in the world if you took care of yourself first?

This message is likely hard for you to hear.  You’re likely twisting, turning, and rejecting it with all of your being.

But I have a challenge for you -

Read this once every day for the next week.

Journal on these questions.

Notice the discomfort coming up to you...what’s upsetting you?

If you feel discomfort, you need this message.

If you feel anger, you need this message.

And if you’re leaning in, saying ‘hell yes’, you need this message.

Are you ready for your life to change?

It starts when you prioritize you.

The first step to putting yourself first may be saying “yes” to a call with me.

We'll talk about where you are now, where you'd like to be, and what's in your way of getting there. We can talk about working together, or I'll share tools & resources to guide you along your individual path.

I’m ready when you are.




Gieselle Allen